Lathe Projects


Practice Plate

The last time I used a lathe was in 1986 in high school. It is amazing how much I forgot or never learned.
But I have forever longed to have a lathe, even made a small in high school. But after many years of waiting
I found a smoking deal...and now it is mine!
My first project was nothing more than practice, most likely destine to be firewood.
BUT my wife liked it and found a use for it.
The finish is nothing more than paste wax applied while still turning.


The second project was this simple carving mallet.
It turned out to be much heaver than I like for chisel work, but is still usable.

Wine Stoppers

Had to try wine (bottle) stoppers.
Talk about finding an addition!

Left to right; Bocote, Blackwood, Cocobolo and East Indian Rosewood.

Left to right; Tamboti, Olivewood, Pink Ivory, and Pau Rosa.

Just some Laminated Hardwood stoppers

(Left to Right) Thin Win; Macassar Ebony; Burmese Blackwood; Fig Asian Satinwood

(Left to Right) Marblewood; Bolivian Rosewoood

First Bowl in 2009

As part of the lathe deal I received some bowl blanks.
After some practice on other project, mallet, stoppers and making scrap
I finally had enough courage to take on a bowl, and reached for one the blanks.
And grabbed the blank of "Lignum Vitae" better known as IRON WOOD!
It held up to its name, I had to sharpen the bowl gouge three times...which is unheard of on a
small bowl like this one.

More Bowls for Christmas Gifts 2011

(Clockwise from Top Left); Russian Olive; Poplar; Aspen; Cottonwood; Elm; Russian Olive; Dark Walnut

The adventure has started with many more bowls to follow......

Here is the endless growing Bowl List.Bowl List in PDF format